The Indian subcontinent, one of the world’s greatest population
centers with a billion people, has for years suffered some of
the worst deforestation ever seen. Recently, a new ray of hope
is shining in the region as an unprecedented drive to plant trees
has made great progress and broken records. Sadhguru Jaggi
Vasudev and the Isha Foundation organized the drive called
Project GreenHands, calling on every citizen to plant two new
trees- something even the poorest individuals can do. Nurseries
were also established to provide the millions of saplings needed.
Since 2004, many thousands of saplings have been planted in
various areas, with excellent success. On one day in 2006 alone,
852,587 saplings were planted, setting a new world record in
the Guinness Book. Green Hands hopes to make a lasting impact
on the landscape and counteract some of the damage done by
ecological degradation and climate change. Millions worldwide
have been inspired and have realized that ordinary people can
change the planet with thier own hands.
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