‘High Crimes and Atrocities’ is a shocking video which presents the ways in which the bush administration broke the law, with hard evidence of specific crimes- such Ias Bush's lies to the American public, violations of civil liberties, and abuse of prisoners. In addition, it shows the actions and progress of the impeachment movement nationwide, including the struggles of public figures such as Joe Wilson and John
Lies and illegal war, torture, warrantless wiretapping and shameless
disregard of the Constitution. The list of
crimes and atrocities committed by the Bush administration will never be forgotten. Even as Obama and the new Congress "forgive and forget", the grassroots movement toward impeachment continues its demands for prosecution and justice. 
Conyers, but also the actions of everyday citizens who spread the word through signs, banners and music, pass city council resolutions and carry on the fight for our rights.

The story is told with footage and images from a wide variety of sources: exclusive scenes of rallies and protests, powerful
shots from Iraq and Guantanamo, public testimony from congresspeople and ambassadors, interviews with soldiers and
"High Crimes discloses the deliberate lies by the George W. Bush administration to justify the  invasion of Iraq. IThe film is a clear indictment of fraud on Congress and the American people by the neo-conservatives in power today, and should be seen by citizen patriots everywhere." I

                                       Peter Phillips
                                                           Director Project Censored
                                                                                         Professor Sociology Sonoma State University
ordinary citizens. Honest and hard-hitting, ‘High Crimes' contrasts the cold and depressing reality of the criminals in the White House with the inspirational and vibrant spirit of the opposition.