New dangers are emerging from Washington to threaten our coastlines and marine wildlife
The  Navy's Northwest Training Complex expasion.
New offshore oil and gas lease sales off California.
Two permits for wave energy
studies, one off Mendocino, the other off Fort Bragg.
The NWTC expansion would convert 122,000 square nautical miles of ocean along the coast off Washington, Oregon, and  Northern California from civilian use to a military training Operations Area. The activities would include simulated sea battles with live artillery and] missile fire, undersea guided missile submarine training including depth charges, air warfare operations including bombing and missile launches, and research and development of the unmanned drones now being used in Pakistan. One particular feature of this project is an increase in midrange SONAR emissions known to cause whale beachings around the Pacific Rim.

MMS offshore oil and gas lease sales have been made off California, including virtually the entire Mendocino County coast from Point Arena to Cape Mendocino; and two in the Los Angeles area from Santa Barbara to Oceanside. Despite the well known environmental dangers of offshore oil, and the long history of resistence to such projects off the California coast, Federal and corporate agencies have vowed to make this plan a reality.
While the environmental impacts of these new power sources are unknown, the studies will involve potential major disruptions to marine life on the California Coast.
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On March 31st, President Obama outlined a plan to open huge areas of the atlantic and alaskan coastlines to new oil and natural gas drilling- a move that will endanger sensitive wildlife and increase the USA's dependence on petroleum at a time when sustainable energy alternatives are crucial.